Shannon Dallenbach

Shannon Simleit

Senior Associate

Shannon has been working in the financial planning industry for almost 5 years, she considers one of her main strengths is being able to give each of her clients her personal attention and ensuring that their financial plan is perfectly suited to their individual needs. Shannon started in the local insurance and investment industry, she worked as an independent adviser for a few years before joining Holborn Assets. She is therefore well versed in the local space as well and can provide holistic planning to her clients. Shannon has completed all the local regulatory exams and she is currently in the process of obtaining an international qualification with the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investments, she will have obtained her Level 3 before 2020. Shannon’s main areas of expertise are offshore tax structuring for her clients, UK pension transfers, offshore property investment, investment management and risk planning, locally and abroad. Although Shannon is still fairly young and new to the offshore investment space, she brings a fresh outlook, is passionate about what she does and is extremely focused on learning and growing in her career each and every day.

Quote: Create the highest, grandest vision possible for your life, because you become what you believe. Oprah Winfrey