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International Financial Advice

Holborn Assets is an independently owned global financial advisory group offering wealth management services in South Africa.

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Holborn Management Services Pty Limited

Holborn Management Services Pty Limited in South Africa is part of the Holborn Assets  group of companies. Established in 1999 Holborn Assets are a leading International financial services company specialising in independent financial advice to the expatriate market. With over 60 qualified professional advisers adhering to the company´s mission which is to ensure that you get quality independent advice and service, that your money is put in the right place at the right time and that you are treated with integrity and respect.

Holborn Assets has associations with the industry’s leading institutions that bring together the investment expertise of a select group of international money management firms – all who are known throughout the industry for their experience and strong track records.

In South Africa our focus is on the UK Pension Transfer market (QROPS) and our team of highly qualified pension specialists will be able to advise you on the options available to move your UK Pension Offshore. The Holborn Assets South Africa team are fully supported by the main office based in Dubai, UAE.

For more details please see Why Transfer your UK pension.

Visit to learn more about the organisation.

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Meet the Team

Our team is split across multiple divisions, which reflect the markets we serve and helps us to focus expertise in the best way.

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What Our Clients Say

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I have found David's relaxed but professional approach to be a breath of fresh air in a sector which appears to be over populated with pushy 'wont-take-no-for-an-answer' types. David is always ready with impartial advice and instills confidence thanks to his years of experience in the broader financial sector. I highly value his counsel after struggling for years to find a well-balanced and transparent FA.
James Thomas
I met Joe in 1974 when he helped me start saving - and last year I was able to retire very comfortably - thanks Joe!
Roddy Bruce, Founding Partner at Dickson Minto W.S
I first met Julia back in August 2012 when she came to give a presentation at our office. The presentation was very informative and highlighted things to our employees that I am sure none of them new about. The hot topic in the office after the presentation was with regards to interim guardianship in the UAE and what would happen to our children if we do not have any guardianship documents in place. Julia's knowledge of the UAE laws and procedures with regards to wills and how this relates to different scenarios was impressive, she had questions thrown at her, that she answered with ease. This truly was a worthwhile presentation at our office and was possibly one of the best we have had.Following on from the presentation at our office my husband and I contacted Holborn and asked if we could meet with Julia to review our current personal situation. At our second meeting Julia presented us with a very clear break up of what assets, insurance's etc we had where and what we will need for our retirement and our children's education, this was a big eye opener to us! Not once did we feel that we were being pushed into an investment, we were educated on the subject and then given the opportunity to make the decision whether to proceed or not.We continued to meet with Julia and we appreciate her professionalism, extensive product knowledge and her way of making us feel comfortable and at ease. Julia would often go out of her way to ensure she got to see us and make sure we had all the paperwork in place.It has been joy working with Julia and we look forward to continue the relationship with her.
Kate Muir, Head of Human Resources CBI
I contacted Holborn Assets in early 2013 having read many informative articles written by them over the years in Gulf News about managing ones assets.  John Denman of Holborn Assets contacted me thereafter and came to my office to advise me with my investment planning. He spent a lot of valuable time with me until I was completely comfortable with the suggested investments. I subsequently referred him to my partner, who was also impressed with the time and dedication that Mr Denman put into the exercise. He too went ahead and invested funds with Holborn Assets. Our investments to date are showing promise and with regular updates from him, we feel happy with our portfolios.To date, I can say with confidence, that Mr Denman is not only my asset manager but feels more like a friend whom I feel I can put my trust in.
Vivien Hawkins, Managing Director at Tulip Diamonds FZE
I would like to give my sincere gratitude to Mr. Anthony Murray, financial advisor at Holborn Assets. I have working and living in Dubai for the past few years without consideration to thinking about my future from a financial perspective.I have known Mr Murray for the past five years, during that time we have had several meetings to discuss financial options suitable for my current financial situation. It was obvious I needed to give serious consideration to my future finance situation but I was sceptical and nervous to make such commitments.Mr Murray has always been professional in his approach and patient at providing different options with details presented in a format I could understand as a non-finance person. In the past three years I have transferred my pension from the UK off shore. I have taken out savings plans and made changes to my lifestyle to make sure each month the plan is being managed. I am currently looking at saving a lump sum for investment.The decision to take my future finance security in hand has given me great confidence and has changed my attitude towards life and what is important now and future.As time passes I feel more secure, confident and happy; as I can see my savings and investment grow. I would never have made this decision if it was not for Mr. Murray persistence and patients in making me see the benefits of thinking about my future financial needs. I have become a great advocate of this and try to advice my colleges to do the same.
Bill McKenna, Principal Consultant at Epicor Software
I worked with Tony Murray on the transfer of my corporate pension to a QROPs while being based in Dubai. It was a difficult decision due to the large number of complex personal and international, tax and legislative issues that need to be identified, assessed and processed. Throughout the process I worked closely with Tony and the Holborn Assets team who together took me through the options, transfer details and establishing of my portfolio. At all times I felt my that I was working with a professional organisation who were looking after my interests.The approach from Tony and the Holburn Assets team was in contrast to the high pressure sales approaches from Holborn’s competitors which ranged from senior partner “advice” through to recently graduated junior advisors who nothing about my requirements. The lack of financial regulator in this region makes taking professional advice even more difficult, but the Holburn team did stand out when compared to the other six organisations i approached.
David Jamieson
I confirm that I have known Danny Quinn for 3 years.Danny has been my personal Wealth Advisor for Holborn Assets Insurance brokers. At all times I have found him to be Professional, Honest, Reliable and Helpful. I can Highly Recommend Danny and I'm happy to provide further information if required.
Adrian Kerr, Military Instructor at Al Shaheen
This is to testify that we have been dealing with Danny Quinn for a number of years now with regards to our financial planning, Danny’s advice has been excellent and we are regularly updated with an overall status.We are delighted with Danny’s service, and unlike other companies we have dealt with, we do not feel pressured into taking advice.
Craig Menzies, Tyco Fire & Security UAE LLC
I have had the pleasure of having Danny handling my portfolio for a number of years now and would recommend him to anyone.   My situation was not the simplest to begin with but Danny continued to work tirelessly over a couple of years in order to find and amalgamate everything into a single portfolio.   Since then Danny has kept in touch, and advised on the changes in the financial situation and how to best move my portfolio around, without ever pushing, to ensure maximum returns.   Danny is a pleasure to deal with and always has time for a chat and an update no matter how small I may be in the scheme of wealth investment.
Gary Vincent, Consultant at The Driver Group Qatar
Danny advised on private financial matters and greatly assisted in achieving my personal financial goals. He provided complete financial solutions that work for me now and will continue to work for me in the future. His attention to detail, subject knowledge and, most of all, his integrity make him great to work with. If you are looking for sound financial advice, I would strongly recommended Danny.
Marco Cipolat, Senior Conference Producer at IQPC Middle East
I started working with Danny Quinn in 2012 shortly before the birth of my first child. His professionalism, understanding and clarity gave me trust in him and he has not let me down. Timely follow ups when required and always available when needed, I have no hesitation in recommending him for his growing client base.
Justin Parsons, Director of Instruction at Butch Harmon School of Golf
We have used Danny Quinn from Holborn Assets for the past 3 years, he is very knowledgeable and helpful when it comes to financial matters without the hard sell. He keeps in regular contact and updates us with any information that we require. We would highly recommend Danny for any financial assistance.
Kirstie Bennett, Police Instructor
I know David d'Arcy to be highly qualified and knowledgeable in the area of international financial and pension’s advice and David has assisted and advised me on a number of occasions with these matters.I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone seeking financial and pensions advice on a worldwide basis
Murray Pine, Safety Operations Director for Hong Kong Airlines
On making enquiries regarding the transfer of my UK pension, David d'Arcy provided a comprehensive overview of Holborn Assets and his professional history. Once David understood my current position and future plans, he shared clear and sound information for me to make a fully informed decision to transfer and reap the associated benefits of a QROPS. I was given a full and detailed explanation of QROPS with the benefits and options based on my current plans, which also included options to switch, in line with potential future changes to my current retirement plan. On our second meeting, we went over the original plan and discussed the details to ensure I fully understood all aspects and the available alternatives. Based on the advice given, and the independent research I conducted, I made the decision to transfer. All subsequent documentation was clearly explained and at no time was I hurried or my questions unanswered. The transfer is currently being processed, and I have received progress reports to inform me everything is on track, with an estimated completion date.
Marcus Ward
Thanks to her initiative Vivian Van Eeden has become a part of our lives. Her professionalism couple with a personal touch has made us feel a sense of security that we’ve entrusted our future with her. One thing that’s always stood out in our dealings with Vivian is that she is interested in what’s right for us at the time, not in what’s going to be good only for her.
Michael Moss
I have been dealing with Mr. John Denman since early 2014 when I made a large investment with the assistance of his company, The Wealth Practice (Holborn Assets).I found Mr. Denman to be knowledgeable on all aspects of the investments that I was particularly interested in. In addition, and through his association with Holborn Assets he had available to him the latest financial data in order for me to make well informed decisions. Mr. Denman would offer his own opinions when encouraged to do so, which were in my opinion well founded, what I liked particularly was that he wouldn’t pressure me to do anything I wasn’t happy with. At the end of the day I was left with a feeling that I was in charge of my own financial destiny. Financial managers can sometimes confuse with unnecessary detail and language that someone without a financial background would find hard to understand, I found Mr. Denman’s approach to be much more comprehensible and he would spend time with me to explain things in a more simple way.All in all I was very pleased with the service Mr. Denman offered and the way he presented things to me and I intend investing more in the near future.
Christopher Crowther, Managing Director at Sonoran Diamonds FZCO
Vince Truong and I have been working together for a couple of years now and Vince has a methodical and scientific method to financial planning and advice. He is delivering results and is diligent in managing the portfolio.
Samer Halawi, Chief Executive Officer at Thuraya
Julia Olson is by far the most personable, competent and reassuring financial adviser that we have met and worked with.From the moment we began working with Julia, we instinctively knew that we could trust her, that her advice was balanced and that she had our family’s best interests at heart. She was flexible in terms of her timings and nothing has been too much bother for her. As a family, we are notoriously bad at keep track of our financial affairs and Julia has been instrumental in pulling together all the missing pieces of information and helping us make sense of them.I would have no hesitation is recommending Julia Olson and am thrilled with our working relationship to date.
Johnnie Kittermaster, Headmaster at Repton School
In the many years that I have known Robert Parker (Bob), I have always been especially taken by his unconditional sense of giving to others without any expectation whatsoever of getting anything backI trust Bob completely and have always felt sure that He would deliver fully on anything that he commits to.In my view, Bob is a role model to everyone around him as a husband, father, friend and business colleague.
Doug Lambert
Having known Bob Parker for a considerable number of years, both professionally and personally, I would definitely recommend him to be a man of integrity, honesty and vision with excellent leadership qualities and a great sense of humour.I believe his company, ‘Holborn Assets’ to be both professionally and successfully managed with a hand picked team dedicated to putting the client’s interests first.The fact that he does an amazing rendition of ‘Puff the magic dragon’ and also enjoys munching enormous bars of Toblerone is a big plus!!!
Susan Walpole
I’ve known and worked with Bob and the Holborn team since 2003 and in that time they have proven themselves over and over and over again. From giving me the advice I needed to hear to providing me with some of the soundest financial recommendations around, Bob and the Holborn team have really become much more than Financial Advisors, they have brought me into their family, something I’m willing to bet most folks won’t say about their IFAs!
Steven Brown, Vesta Group Chief Executive Officer
I think what I like most about Bob Parker is that he is a pukka Englishman with an Indian heart...!
Frank Raj, International Indian Editor
I have found David's relaxed but professional approach to be a breath of fresh air in a sector which appears to be over populated with pushy 'wont-take-no-for-an-answer' types. David is always ready with impartial advice and instills confidence thanks to his years of experience in the broader financial sector. I highly value his counsel after struggling for years to find a well-balanced and transparent FA.
Frank Raj, International Indian Editor
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