Romeo Stafanutti

Romeo Stefanutti

Senior Partner

Romeo started working in the financial services and trust industry in 2003. His extensive experience has enabled him to develop a proven strategy, which he successfully applies to his clients’ portfolios. Romeo firstly understands the unique needs of his clients and only then appropriately advises the best-suited risk and investment solutions tailored to each client’s circumstances focusing on capital preservation, tax efficiency and growth. Romeo’s clients range from family trusts, high net-worth individuals to charitable organizations. As a registered financial adviser, he offers the following services: estate planning, local and offshore pension advice, retirement planning, tailored investment portfolios, tax-efficient investment solutions and wealth creation that enable his clients to achieve their financial goals. Having consistently been a top performer and achieved numerous production and quality awards over the last 15 years as an advisor, Romeo is sure to add value to your financial wellbeing. As an authorized financial adviser, Romeo can offer the following services:

  • Estate planning
  • Local & offshore pension advice
  • Retirement planning
  • Tailored investment portfolios
  • Tax-efficient investment solutions
  • Wealth creation


  • Favourite Quote: “It always seems impossible until its done” – Nelson Mandela
  • Hobbies: gym, Formula 1, hockey & travelling.

What Romeo’s Clients Say “Mr Stefanutti has been my financial adviser since 2016 & has conducted himself with integrity and has been prompt and efficient in his responses to my needs as a client. I am very happy with his services” – Dr Shermain Mannah-Targett.

  • RFP 3 Financial Planning Institute SA
  • Certificate in Business Building and Corporate Venturing University of Pretoria SA
  • International Certificate in Wealth and Investment Management CISI 3