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South African ‘Expat Tax’: what you need to know

1st March 2020. This is a date that all South African overseas workers should mark in their calendar. Amendments to the Income Tax Act will change the way South African’s are taxed on foreign incomes. The changes are that significant, they even have their own trending hashtag – #TAX2020. The […]

Should you be paying National Insurance as a UK Expat?

In a fix with your NICs? Ahoy Brits Working Abroad! If you want to check online your National Insurance Contributions Record, UK expats need to know that – direct from the British Government’s 2018 NIC/expat webpage (www.gov.uk/national-insurance-if-you-go-abroad): “You might be able to pay UK National Insurance while you’re working abroad, depending […]

How to Get a UK Mortgage when Living Abroad

It is easy to get a mortgage in the UK if you’re an expat – provided you don’t go jumping in unprepared. There’s plenty of hoops to get through: waiting for an offer to be accepted, banks and solicitors’ requesting paperwork, while you keep everything crossed in the hope of […]

Your UK Passport – Important 2018 Update

Rules affecting your UK passport changed – October 2018 A change affecting the renewal of UK passports was introduced on September 10th, but not formally announced by the Home Office. Until now, travellers renewing their British passport would have any remaining time on their old passport added to their new […]

Where to buy abroad as an expat?

Expats: where should you buy a second home?  Perhaps, like many expats who work and live overseas – enjoying career success and a new expansive and international lifestyle – you are considering investing in a second property. Perhaps you’d like a place to retreat to during the holiday season, or […]

Time to switch insurance?

Is it time to get a better deal on your insurance and other key household bills? Three out of every five Brits switched providers last year for at least one of the top ten most common financial products. The word is out that, when it comes to financial products, a […]

5 Tax Considerations for Expats

Looking to become an expat? Holborn Independent Financial Advisors (IFAs) in your new country of residence can help you out. All international Holborn offices offer a no-obligation financial review to new expats.  Financially, there’s so much to get sorted out when becoming an expat. Not only do you need to […]

What is Off-plan Property Investment?

Off-plan investment is an exciting and flexible option for private investors that is gaining in respectability worldwide. Both the UAE and the UK offer established sectors where private investors can gain excellent, long-term returns (in exchange for some risk, of course). And, in South Asia (particularly Vietnam), there are emerging markets that offer great […]

Should Gen X Be Concerned for their Financial Future?

From baby boomers to Millennials, every generation has different financial needs. Generation X – or Gen X – are the most influential consumers in the UK. This may seem like a bold claim but this is based on a 2018 study by Experian. Born between 1966 and 1980, Gen X earn, […]

How Good Are Buy-to-Let Profits in 2019?

Buy-to-Let (BTL) investors in England and Wales make an average of £80,000 selling on their properties – before tax. And in London, the average pre-tax profit on a sold BTL property is a whopping quarter of a million (£248,120). That’s according to figures from top estate agents Hamptons International released this week. So […]

How to Remortgage as an Expat

Fixed rate, tracker, standard variable – todays mortgage market has more products than ever and finding the right one requires extensive research. Remortgaging is no different, it requires careful consideration. In a nutshell, remortgaging is where a new mortgage is taken out to either replace your current mortgage or to borrow money that […]

Return of Premium Life Insurance – What You Need to Know

Unlike car insurance, life insurance is optional and in today’s market there are plenty of options available. Return of premium life insurance has been around for some time but you would be forgiven if you haven’t heard of it. Here we take a look at this interesting and somewhat unknown alternative to […]