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UK and European residential investment property

Diversify your property exposure internationally

Property investment provides an attractive diversification opportunity away from financial markets and your traditional listed assets. International property offers you exposure to property markets that are not subject to the same market forces as South Africa. So it is well worth considering expanding your horizons internationally if it makes sense in your overall financial plan.

Holborn Assets can assist you in determining this, as well as taking you through all the aspects you need to consider before investing in a property in another country. These factors include the currency, legislative, tax and investment implications.

We can also introduce some of the property investments we have identified as offering attractive growth potential. Situated in the UK and Europe, these properties are located in areas where the UK and the EU are making considerable investments into infrastructure.

Our advisers are well-placed to provide you with a range of investment opportunities, as well as being highly-experienced and happy to walk you through negotiating a contract from start to finish and raising the funding to make the property investment.

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