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Should Gen X Be Concerned for their Financial Future?

From baby boomers to Millennials, every generation has different financial needs. Generation X – or Gen X – are the most influential consumers in the UK. This may seem like a bold claim but this is based on a 2018 study by Experian. Born between 1966 and 1980, Gen X earn, […]

Challenger banks: digital banking in a digital age

Do you remember a time before smartphones? Updating your Facebook status meant getting to a computer, and the term “I’ll Google it” wasn’t something you did on the go. Nowadays we use our phones for everything. We carry our whole life around in our pocket, so why not our bank? […]

South Africa Rate Hike Negative Impact on Consumers

South Africans are feeling the financial pain after the Reserve Bank decided recently to hike the interest rates by 50 basis points from 6.25% previously, up to 6.75%. This is the first interest rate hike this year in a series of multiple rate hikes that will follow and push the […]

Holborn Assets Reviews The South African Markets

Holborn Assets believes that the slowdown in the global economy will remain soft and the implication will be felt on South Africa’s ability to recover from an anemic third-quarter growth of only 0.7%, which makes us expect a slightly weaker outcome in 2016, we now expect a GDP growth of […]

British Expatriates Set to Lose Tax Credits Benefits

According to The Guardian, UK Prime Minister David Cameron could ban British expatriates from claiming tax credits for up to four years as part of a compromise agreement with the European Union over renegotiating the UK’s terms of membership. Under this deal thousands of British expats could lose tax credits […]

Strong Pound Buys More For Expats

Currency exchange rate fluctuation can have a big impact on the expat life, especially if we take in consideration that the South African Rand was one of the world’s worst-performing currencies in 2015 after dropping more than 26% and continued to slide another 15% in the first trading days of […]