Life Cover

Secure your family’s future when you are not around

What life insurance offers you and your family

Nobody wants to think of the inevitable, but it’s important to consider how to secure your family’s financial future if you are no longer around. Life insurance gives you the opportunity to provide for your family in the event of your death.

To set up life cover, you will need to enter into a contract with a life insurance company and, once finalised, you will pay a monthly premium and the value of the policy will be distributed to your beneficiary when you are gone.

But choosing a provider and life policy is by no means straightforward. There are many different life insurance providers, and they all charge different rates. Also, working out the value of the life cover you want to take out depends on a number of factors, including outstanding debts and the lifestyle you want your partner or dependents to lead once you are gone.

Holborn Assets can help you through this challenging but important decision-making process so that you can have the comfort of knowing your family will be set up for life.

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