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How Does Your Pension Affect the Environment?

When you think about doing your bit for the environment, the last thing you probably think of is your pension. The truth is, the companies we invest our pensions into have a big impact on the world we live in.   Pension investments 101 There are several different types of […]

What a No-deal Brexit Could Mean For Expat Pensions

Brexit – like it or not, there is no getting away from it. Since the UK voted to leave the EU in 2016, it’s a word that has dominated the headlines and news broadcasts. Nearly two weeks into Boris Johnson’s tenure as Prime Minister and all eyes are now on […]

Why You Should Consider a Private Pension

Pensions provide a regular income in retirement that replaces your monthly working salary. The state pension is intended to provide the financial foundation for people to build upon in retirement. The state pension isn’t meant as a sole income, but does it live up to its intended purpose and provide […]

The UK Frozen Pensions Anomaly

What we’re going to write in this relatively short article is directed to those that have worked in the UK and are now residents outside of the UK whilst having left behind a frozen pension, including those who have already moved their UK pension overseas into a QROPS. So if […]