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South African ‘Expat Tax’: what you need to know

1st March 2020. This is a date that all South African overseas workers should mark in their calendar. Amendments to the Income Tax Act will change the way South African’s are taxed on foreign incomes. The changes are that significant, they even have their own trending hashtag – #TAX2020. The […]

Should you be paying National Insurance as a UK Expat?

In a fix with your NICs? Ahoy Brits Working Abroad! If you want to check online your National Insurance Contributions Record, UK expats need to know that – direct from the British Government’s 2018 NIC/expat webpage ( “You might be able to pay UK National Insurance while you’re working abroad, depending […]

5 Tax Considerations for Expats

Looking to become an expat? Holborn Independent Financial Advisors (IFAs) in your new country of residence can help you out. All international Holborn offices offer a no-obligation financial review to new expats.  Financially, there’s so much to get sorted out when becoming an expat. Not only do you need to […]